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About Secure Payments Academy

SPA’s curriculum covers mobile, Contactless, Bitcoin, Blockchain, New FEP and Payments Technology Platforms, EMV, IoS Security Issues and Solutions, Secure Identification in the new world (for example Fido) and a set of business courses dealing with Business Cases for Fintech Executives, Payments Strategy, Open Banking with Real-Time Payments and more.  SPA remains the only U.S. independent payments education organization to offers deep technical and business case and strategy implementation workshops.  http://securepaymentsacademy.com/workshop-schedule

Group and Custom Classes:  
All classes are offered at SPA’s flagship training center in New York and satellite locations in Los Angeles, San Jose California and London, England.  Beyond the public courses, private, customized group training is conducted onsite at the company location. All classes are taught by a faculty of experienced instructors with more than three decades of payment industry expertise all having implemented a number of large payment systems and infrastructures.

About Secure Payments Academy
Formerly EMV Academy, Secure Payments Academy (SPA) is the only U.S. based, independent payments training organization headquartered in New York, with training centers in Los Angeles, and  San Jose, California and London, UK. SPA’s mission is ensuring a secure, and convenient payments ecosystem for businesses and consumers. The Academy and it staff of experienced, specialized payments instructors provide state-of-the art, up to the minute EMV, blockchain, tokenization, contactless and mobile payments training, compliance, documentation and knowledge for banks, acquirers, processors, suppliers, merchants and more in the U.S., EMEA and Southeast Asia. To learn more or schedule a class contact stew@emvacademy.com or visit, http://securepaymentsacademy.com/workshop-schedule/
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