Payzley.com announces the launch of its socially conscious lending solution and marketplace that gives families high quality kids clothes at low cost without having to have a credit card.  

The Payzely Charge allows parents to open an account instantly with a valid bank account and get 3 X the buying power to shop. For example, deposit $50 in your account and get $150 worth of credit to shop immediately. Keep your payments up to date and this will increase your credit rating over time.

Buyers at Payzely.com scour the globe for on-trend, fashionable children’s clothes for the U.S. market. New products arrive regularly such as blazers, knitwear and accessories.

The Payzely website does not have conventical sizing, like most online retailers. It is driven by measurements, simply place your child’s waist size and Payzely can show you all the items that will fit.

Payzely is taking a new look at E commerce retail and combining easy lending for today’s families.