Enjoy the perfect union of East and West that is PeLi Teas.  From the East comes a deep understanding of tea with its long history and personal relationships with some of the finest tea producers in China. From the West comes a passion for healthy living and a desire to share the healthiest teas in the world with its customers.  We bring you our healthy and delectable White, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu’er teas from the most beautiful tea gardens in China. Come taste our wonderful discoveries – you will never feel the same about tea again.

Owners Lily Chang and Pete Leonard

PeLi Teas is a relative newcomer to the world of tea with its rich history that can be traced back to the times of the legendary Chinese Emperor Shen Nong some five Millenniums ago.  PeLi Teas was founded by its owners Lily Talise Chang and Pete Leonard.   Lily and Pete have taken frequent trips to China’s top tea production regions searching out China’s healthiest, tastiest, highest quality teas, visiting numerous tea producers’ tea gardens, processing plants and testing facilities and tasting countless mouth-watering world-class teas.  Through this thorough tea selection process, and a great reliance upon the advice of some of China’s leading tea authorities, experts and scholars, PeLi Teas has procured some of China’s finest teas for its discerning customers and friends.  

Our teas are grown in clean, pristine mountainous regions such as the high-altitude misty mountains of Zhejiang, the spectacular Taimu and Wuyishan Mountains of Fujian and the beautiful Huangshan Mountains of Anhui.  Many of our teas are grown in areas designated National Nature Reserves and National Parks.  All of our teas are healthy, hand-picked teas, most of which meet China’s stringent standards and many of which have received USDA certification.

Our capable team at PeLi Teas is dedicated to the study of tea- appreciating its history; gaining an understanding of the miracle plant from which it comes-- Camellia sinensis and its many cultivars; learning about China’s famous tea growing regions and their famous teas; observing first-hand the various orthodox tea processing methods; researching tea’s favorable health benefits; and obtaining a knowledge of each tea’s distinct characteristics and attributes.  PeLi Teas earnestly believes that there is a still much to learn about tea and our devoted team shall always commit to making this its foremost endeavor.