Company owner Diana Sanders Cinamon has an extensive background in gemology as well as in pearl identification, grading and appraisal.  She not only teaches the sole college-level course in pearl grading in the United States, but is also the author of two books in her field, one of them now in its second printing.

Estate Jewelry, 1760 - 1960


All About Antique Silver with International Hallmarks


The Pearl-Wise products are aimed at:
•     Professional jewelers
•     Personal property appraisers
•     Estate sales specialists
•     Auction houses
•     Individual consultants
•     Gemology enthusiasts

This unique new product line shares much of Diana’s knowledge about pearls in the form of five, fully narrated tutorials found at:


This new website with these tutorials was developed to support a product which has been in development for several years: The Pearl Wise Unified Grading System.

Ms. Cinamon said that this is the only product of its kind on the market today. You can preview this new grading tool in the “Using Pearl Wise” tutorial at:


She added that the grading system is designed to be compact, complete with a comparison set of cultured pearls graded by color, blemishes and luster. The system includes a tri-fold brochure that shows grading criteria for color, blemishes, luster, size, shape, nacre thickness and matching.    

The Pearl-Wise core grading system can be purchased in one of three formats:
•     Pearl-Wise Pro
•     Pearl-Wise for Show
•     Pearl-Wise to Go

Pearl-Wise Pro is the basic grading system in a magnetic closure box containing a fold-out grading sheet and a pearl board with strings of sample pearls for grading color, luster and blemishes. The bottom layer features storage for grading tools held safely in place in die-cut foam.

Pearl-Wise for Show is a display version (with the same contents) suitable for use in a retail setting such as a jeweler or a gemology supply store as well as at a trade show booth.

Pearl-Wise to Go packages the same contents in a handy tote-bag for use in the field and when traveling.  

Pearl-Wise also offers a full range of companion products including lighting and measuring / handling tools plus a Tahitian pearl color grading chart.  

For more information:

1.     See https://pearl-wise.com

2.     Call 909-474-2250