Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed, an eco-friendly
award-winning grass is redefining the way people grow and maintain their lawns in all climates. Over 10 years of research has resulted in a revolutionary 5th-generation patented mix of the best native and adaptive, nonGMO seeds that hold 400x the moisture during germination. Pearl's Premium lawns grow much slower and develop much deeper roots than other lawns.12 to 48" roots allow These roots tap into naturally occurring moisture and nutrients to minimize watering, stop erosion and help lawns tolerate drought, insects, disease and salt better than standard lawns.  Pearl’s Premium requires 75 percent less water than other grass, never needs chemicals to stay green all year, and requires mowing only once a month or less. Dense grass and deep roots help sequester four times the carbon into the soil compared to other grass.  As a green roof, Pearl's Premium handles storm water, lowers heating and cooling costs, helps prevent UV roof damage, improves air quality, and lessons urban heat island effect to help with global warming and climate change. Used in homes, businesses and municipalities to save dramatic amounts of water, prevent chemical run off and protect the quality of drinking water.  A Mass Challenge winner and recognized by the Boston Museum of Science as one of the three most important inventions to come out of New England – although it grows around the world, Pearl's Premium is the only grass to receive LEED credits from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).