PeeeM, the only mobile messenger letting you send any type of file to your contacts, has been released on AppStore, soon to come on Android Market.
Chat, Call, Sends PDF, DOC, XLS, AVI, MP3, basically any type of file to any PeeeM contact.

Sharing big files has always been difficult on mobiles. Emails will only let you to send files that are most of the time under 10MB, hoping that your receiver’s mail service will accept such a file. With PeeeM you won’t have to worry, you’ll see exactly how much of your file has been transferred in real time.
PeeeM is a full-featured messaging service created exclusively for mobiles, its proprietary encoded protocol is designed to keep bandwidth usage to a minimum, and gives you the best security for your privacy.

PeeeM works fully on iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad, you won’t see any difference except the screen size fit.

File sharing is dead simple, everyone has his favourite “Documents” app that let you store all your important files, most of these apps include an “open with” feature, just open the file with PeeeM, choose the contact and Send!

Something went wrong with your connexion? Just went from 3G to Wi-Fi? PeeeM will resume the transfer right where it left off.