PKOBOOKS LLC publishes the following Paris Mysteries by author Peggy Kopman-Owens: LATE PASSENGER, A NonStop Mystery; A BANK IN PARIS, Mrs Duchesney's Mystery Along the Seine; A LETTER FROM PARIS, Mrs. Duchesney’s Mystery in the Stamp Market; A KEY TO PARIS, Mrs. Duchesney’s Mystery in Montsouris; MRS DUCHESNEY MYSTERIES, Francesca’s Story - The Interview; MRS DUCHESNEY MYSTERIES, Louie’s Story - The Interview; A SUMMER ABROAD, Mrs. Duchesney’s First Real Mystery; THE MIST OF MONTMARTRE; PARIS APARTMENT FOR RENT; NEVER CHANGE, Montmartre; UNDERGROUND, L’ autre Métro; TOO RICH FOR RAIN; THE CLUE, L’ Indice; GAMAN, The Japanese Art of Patience; THE SEASONS IN THE GARDEN, Les Saisons dans Le Jardin; THE PROMISE, Υπόσχεση - Ypóschesi̱. Paperbacks, eBooks, & Audio Books may be ordered at Amazon, Audible, & iTunes as well as other fine retailers.