PenBlade, Inc. created a novel safety scalpel that is intuitive, ergonomic and rigid. Used in both the medical and retail markets, PenBlade is the perfect tool for most cutting needs. By using existing muscle memory, that of a click pen, the blade is retracted without looking or repositioning. The integrated trimming groove cuts materials such as sutures, PICCs, string and fishing line.

In the medical world, PenBlade improves healthcare worker safety and patient care by eliminating accidental scalpel sticks and lowering the cost of healthcare. PenBlade includes unique features: a more familiar weight than current plastic safety scalpels, the option of semi-passive blade retraction and intuitive right- or left-handed activation. These convenient features make PenBlade safer as well as increase the likelihood that the user will retract the blade when finished.

PenBlade quickly expanded when nurses, borrowing unused scalpels, discovered PenBlades made excellent craft knives. PenBlade is now a staple for crafts, hobbies, cake decorating, DIY, floral sewing and general office needs.