Welcome to our Company, our Products and our Business Opportunity. Until our launch, and for a very short time, you may join our company as a Director, "at no cost" (FREE).

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Pendura Life Visions exclusively distributes products researched and developed by Pendura Life Sciences Institute, with focus in the Nutraceutical and Health & Beauty Industry.

Product distribution is carried out through direct sales or network marketing.

From the start, the company's main objective was to differentiate, and set itself apart from other network marketing companies.  We achieve this by creating an exciting, unique and extremely ambitious compensation or direct-sales plan with one goal in mind; "Your Success".

We invite you to take time to look through our compensation plan as it becomes clearly evident that it stands out among a crowded and competitive industry.

PENDURA LIVE VISIONS proudly unveils THE FIRST 'MULTINARY' compensation plan in the US.  The trademarked plan, LARGE, was developed by a team of mathematicians, computer experts and veterans of the Olympic Games that provide you with more opportunities to earn.  In designing our plan, we insisted that every benefit had to be "tangible" and every "promise" was based on fact, not fiction.

The trademarked LARGE plan promises quick and rewarding benefits for each and every person who commits to the building of our Organization.  When you become a partner, we offer so much more than mere benefits.  It is our sincere belief that once you become a partner, you become a member of our team.

And for those who qualify, they even become shareholders in our Organization and share in the Organization's success.

At the helm of Pendura Life Science Institute are respected researchers and scientists at the forefront of the health and beauty industry.  The team is led by Professor Dr. Alex Martin, former chairman of the the Medical Doctor Society of California and the Anti-aging Institute of America.  As such, Pendura Live Visions markets only unique and exclusive high-quality products, often with no similar competitions in the market.

Lastly, Pendura Live Visions offers the assurance of having a highly qualified management team that understands the business to run our business.  Besides being fully committed to your success, Pendura's management team conducts business and operates in the highest moral and ethical standards.

We invite you to join us and experience the true path to unlocking your fullest potential.