Peopleplus launches new software functionality and upgrades

Peopleplus is pleased to inform all our clients of the new upgrades and enhancements we have included into the Peopleplus software. Peopleplus is constantly monitoring changes to legislation as well as engaging with clients on a regular basis to ensure that our technology meets these changes to legislation and requirements of our clients.

In addition to the HR and Payroll software upgrades and enhancements we have also implemented additional security features on our application and data base servers. Security of our clients data has and always will take priority within the company.

     Disciplinary Builder – The disciplinary builder now has a counselling feature.
     Leave Calendar – Upgraded leave calendar for greater visual representation. Before approving leave first view the leave calendar to avoid approving leave and ending with a short staff situation.
     Menu structure – The navigational menu structure has been reworked to provide greater ease of use.
     Built in UI19 – Simply click and print the UI19 form. The form prints with all data required by Department of Labour pre-populated on the form. Approved by the Department of Labour.
     Additional Reports – Two new standard reports have been included in the payroll report section – Leave liability and employee movement reports.
     Mobile Employee Self Service – Peopleplus is currently testing the Beta version of our mobile applications for self service. These applications will be available for most new generation smart phones and tablets. Mobile self service will include:
     Apply and approve leave
     View leave balances
     View pay advice slips
     Change personal details
Once launched these mobile applications can be downloaded from the Peopleplus website.
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The Peopleplus Team
Email: support@peopleplus.co.za
Web: www.peopleplus.co.za