Press Release 4/28/2014
PeoplePowerExchange.com the 3.0 of crowd funding!
PeoplePowerExchange.com is a free platform in beta for the exchange of equity investments made through crowd funding websites globally. Equity capital raising through crowd funding platforms is a new phenomenon sweeping the globe, in numerous countries around the world governments are scrambling to legalize, define and understand the concept. Many people haven’t heard of crowd sourced funding or have an idea of what it is about but industry insiders and governmental bodies have quickly realized it’s a powerful and valuable tool for entrepreneurs and start-up business who cannot find funding through traditional methods.
PeoplePowerExchange.com is the brain child of two entrepreneurs, Steve Mayer and Ryan Dowd, both passionate about all things crowd funding. They see an exchange platform as the ‘3.0’ of the crowd funding industry, “It seems like a natural progression for us, an environment where equity purchased through crowd funding can be exchanged , swapped or sold”,  they said.
The format they chose is a simple advertising market place platform, they contend it will doubtlessly morph as the industry grows and different jurisdictions weigh in with rules and regulations.
“It’s a very exciting time to be involved in crowd funding, it’s like a revolution, democratizing the raising of capital and investing in general, the world bank has made predictions of the growth and potential of crowd funding for equity investments and numerous people feel it will fundamentally change the role of big Banks and their relationship with start-ups and entrepreneurs in general”, Mayer said.
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