PeopleCart © is a modern technology platform that allows organizations to create and manage a variety of digital programs to drive greater employee engagement & increased workplace innovation. Our platform focuses on key engagement drivers like social recognition, collaboration, empowerment and alignment with organizational priorities.

Built with a configurator style back-end panel, the platform is highly flexible to adapt to diverse workflows prevalent in different companies. The integrated mobile app allows real-time actions and monitoring of all programs and ensures that distributed teams are unified in their participation of the various organizational programs being run through the platform.

PeopleCart is HQ in India and has presence in North America, Middle East & South East Asia. It is working with leading organizations in the world. To name a few, PeopleCart is working with India's largest retail conglomerate, a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm HQ in US, Malaysia's leading media company and some of UAE’s top banking & financial services companies.

PeopleCart is available in the following 3 platform tracks:-

a.) Recognition & Engagement, which provides a suite of workflows available to configure Reward & Recognition programs, set up wall of fame & leader-boards & provide an online rewards catalog for redemption of earned rewards. This track also includes a polls & survey module, team contests and collaboration features.

b.) KPI Gamification,that allows organizations to improve team KPI benchmarks through gamification themes integrated with an aspirational rewards program.

c.) Spark2Sparkle ©, helps organizations create a culture of innovation. This track combines the benefits of recognition, socialisation and goal management with a proven methodology of translating ideas to implementable projects.

PeopleCart has an award winning team that has received global appreciation at Mumbai (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) & Las Vegas (US) in the last 3 years.