Where we're located
Our showroom, administrative offices, and warehouse are in Charlotte, NC.

Excellent products, excellent customer service!
Every product at PeppyParents.com has been selected by real parents. We have a wide range of prices on items, and it's our goal to deliver great value for your dollar no matter what you order. While your deciding between products, we're here to help you with any information you need. If anything goes wrong with what you've ordered, we're here to help you with warranty service.

If it says "In Stock", we really have it
Some online stores advertise that an item is available, but they don't order it from the manufacturer until AFTER you place an order. This approach can cause unexpected shipping delays. We're different -- PeppyParents.com operates its own warehouse with everything in stock, and we keep our website updated on availability. We can ship out your order fast (usually within one business day)!