Perch is Canada’s most intuitive home ownership platform that helps users build wealth through real estate. Perch is a member of the 2022 REACH Canada Program. REACH Canada is a technology scale-up program, developed by Second Century Ventures, the strategic venture arm of the National Association of REALTORS®. Perch has been featured in the Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, BetaKit, TechTO and Realtor Magazine. To view the latest fixed and variable mortgage rates offered by Perch, visit www.myperch.io/rates. To view the Perch mortgage payment calculator, visit www.myperch.io/tools/mortgage-payment-calculator/.

Perch was founded in 2018 by Alex Leduc, CFA and is proudly based in Toronto, Ontario. www.myperch.io. Follow us on Instagram @perchcanada and Facebook @perchcanada.