"Perfect Fitting Shoes" is a new company that is introducing a new line of athletic, casual and dress shoes plus sandals for men, women and children to the American market. All of the shoes in this line have adjustable features that allow the shoes to perfectly fit around your feet even as your feet get swollen and change sizes throughout the day. This comfort feature makes the fit of the shoe something that each wearer can adjust to his or hers preference at any time during the day. The heel of the shoes can be tightened or loosened to the liking of the wearer so the fit of the shoes is more comfortable than other shoes that do not adjust around the heel.

“Perfect Fitting Shoes” designs shoes that help people by creating attractive shoes which are bio-mechanically functional. The shoes open up on both sides of the shoe and this allows for easy entry into the shoe. The sides of the shoe are held in place by Velcro and a rear heel adjustable strap. This helps keep each foot secure inside the shoe with a comfortable fit that can accommodate even the most sensitive feet plus the shoes can fit people with two different size feet and people who have narrow heels.

The heel adjustable feature helps eliminat problems that people have with Hammer Toes,  Heel Spurs, Bunions, Callusus, Blisters,  Ingrown Toe Nails, Swelling of the Feet, Improper Sized Shoes and pain from wearing shoes that do not fit correctly. And this why the company is called Perfect Fitting Shoes.

The designs of the shoes are based upon the work of Jim Ross. He tore the ACL and MCL ligaments in his left knee many years ago while taking chemical engineering classes at a local junior college near Houston, Texas. But a year later while at Texas A&M University he decided that he did not want to finish his engineering degree, so instead he decided that he wanted to make shoes that could help him with his foot problems which occurred after his reconstructive knee surgery. The shoes in the existing collection are shoes that he designed for his use and as such he tested out each and every model. The results were positive so the company is now ready to offer the shoes for the first time to the American public.

The majority of the shoes that the company offers are extra-depth shoes and they come with a pair of EVA inserts plus 2 pairs of different thickness polyurethane insoles. The wearer can change the insoles and inserts to help them get a snug fit over the instep part of their foot. By combining the adjustable insoles and the adjustable heel strap the shoes truly do provide a 3-dimensional fit throughout the day.

Most of the athletic shoes in the collection are made with long lasting Vibram soles. All of the shoes are made with high quality full grain leather or high quality micro-fiber synthetic leather that is durable and breathable. The shoes are made with odor killing foam inside the leather so they do not smell after they have been used.

The company makes golf shoes and they use spikes from MacNeill Engineering “Champ Spikes”. The company also makes golf sandals that are made from natural calf leather or from exotic crocodile leather.

The company Perfect Fitting Shoes www.perfectfittingshoes.com is based in Leon, Guanajuato; Mexico. Jim Ross and other employees of the company work with the different factories here in Mexico as they get ready for producing orders from the campaign on Indiegogo.com. The company then ships the finished orders to a warehouse in Arizona before the finished items are reshipped to the various customers around the world.