Since its foundation in 2002, Perfect Translations has been providing top-level translation, localization, interpretation and cultural-relevance services to world-renowned corporations and organizations in fields such as telecom, public relations, machinery, technology, construction, real estate, medical and health care, insurance, law, consumer products, restaurants, government, music and arts, and many others.

Perfect Translations also offers highly specialized marketing and advertising trans-creation services for the U.S. Hispanic as well as the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Latin American markets through its ‘Optica Hispana’ creative group, headed by Moskona, an award-winning Creative Director and Copywriter. As such, he and his staff of trans-creators, translators, art directors and graphic designers serve as a virtual “back-door” creative department to advertising agencies who require world-class talent for re-creating English-language concepts and campaigns into Spanish and Portuguese.

The company’s services are not limited solely to language, though. Often times, clients will either request or receive our unsolicited guidance as to how to avoid cultural faux pas and communicate with their target audiences in a manner that is culturally appropriate.

Perfect Translations’ in-house state-of-the-art recording studio features ISDN technology and a fully digital HD video production facility for original creative and dubbing projects.