Stress & Resiliency expert and Exercise Physiologist Jenny Evans trains thousands of national and international corporate executives on the roles that stress, exercise physiology and nutrition play in improving their productivity both personally and professionally. Jenny delivers keynotes, half, and full-day programs designed to help your people increase their resiliency to stress, improve their performance, and enhance their health — all while improving your organization’s bottom line.
PowerHouse Performance Coaching teaches you to
• Boost your capacity for stress
• Improve your resiliency to stress
• Recover from stress more quickly and efficiently
• Elevate your overall levels of productivity and energy
• Increase the quality of your sleep
• Improve your immunity
• Manage your body fat levels
• Heighten your level of fitness
Jenny has worked with some of the most reputable companies and organizations in today’s market including:  AT&T, Yale School of Management, Pepsi Co., Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks, Clinique, Johnson & Johnson, Estee Lauder Companies, Dell, KPMG, GlaxoSmithKline, ESPN, Frito-Lay, Janus and many more.