Porous Pave, Inc, manufactures Porous Pave -- a highly porous, durable and flexible permeable paving material consisting of recycled rubber, aggregate and a liquid binder. With up to 27 percent porosity (and 5,800 gallons per hour per square foot permeability), Porous Pave is a superior solution for stormwater retention. Every 1,000 square feet uses rubber recycled from 300 tires. Porous Pave is slip resistant and resilient. It does not freeze, heave, crack or crumble. A pour in place permeable material that conforms to any landscape design, and installs on grades up to 30 degrees, Porous Pave offers unmatched flexibility and versatility. For contractors, Porous Pave is easy and quick to install. Using a standard mortar mixer, mixing time is a minute. Curing time is 24 hours. Porous Pave has been proven in installations in 35 states. For more information, including technical specifications and independent lab test results, visit www.porouspaveinc.com.