Persistence is a specialized team of analysts and consultants in healthcare domain. Our business intelligence and market research capabilities span over multiple sub-industries under healthcare such as Medical Device, Healthcare-IT, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals. The dictum "Market Research is a vital key to business success" though simply understood, is best exemplified through skilled execution of data findings. With current worldwide economic scenario it becomes imperative for clients to shell their budget strategically in identifying key drivers, inhibitors and market boosters that would lift their decision making power to the next level. Persistence research team delivers a crisp and insightful precis that has been appreciated by our clients till date. Our understanding about the market persuades us to share the right information with the right reader and save time on decision making. Today with IT and database support at hand very few decisions go wrong, yet the important aspect is how much time does it take for you to make a strategic decision? The time taken by a client and or a company in strategic planning is the most critical factor for success associated with any organization. In today’s competitive market world, the decision making of our clients does not merely depend upon their wishes but also on technological advancements and what their competitors are doing or plan to do. This is where we come in existence, with extensive healthcare domain knowledge and statistical analysis background helping our clients with quick and accurate market information. Till recent years all of us were interested in understanding the ‘history of science’ but the need of the hour is that we focus on ‘geography of science’ as it helps us in measuring the technological advancement and acceptance level of innovative products in specific regions and countries.