Speed - Only 20 Minutes

People in today's society lack the time to exercise due to work and family activities.

Electric Muscle Stimulation training only requires 20 minutes, which is why this method is so popular.

The workout is the equivalent to a 90 minute conventional training, thus shortening the time spent on getting in shape.

At Personal20® all our trainers have proven their competency through certification to work with this revolutionary Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)  technology to get people fitter faster.
Why Personal20®? In this rushing world, due to the lack of time and energy we rarely pay attention to a healthy diet and proper training.
Personal20® provides a 20-minute Electro Fitness training once or twice a week to those who are striving for a sportier, healthier and more conscious lifestyle.
Powered by E-Fit Technology
Specific skills are required to operate the machine, so EMS training can be done only in the presence of Certified Trainers.

For decades the science industry for fitness along with the experts in sports physiology dedicated to professional sports have been using EMS technology. They proved beyond doubt that EMS technology operated by a Certified Trainer works faster, smarter and safer.
Are there any contra-indications that would prevent me from doing an Electro Fitness workout?
This training isn't recommended for people with heart disease, pacemakers, or other implanted electric devices, during pregnancy or breast feeding period, or people with a predisposition to epileptic seizures or fitting.
Can I get an electrical shock during the workout?
No, there is no way you get an electric shock during workout as the equipment operates at low voltage using a battery. The intensity of the generated impulses is max.0.05 Watt RMS.
Do I need to have any particular training equipment?
No. At Personal20® we provide you with everything you need. You just need to show up. We provide you with the appropriate undergarments. Then we will dress you in the suit with electrodes that is light and made with antibacterial breathable material.
What is the difference between E-Fit and other muscle stimulators?
Most home use and other muscle stimulators are designed to be applied on passive muscles. During E-Fit sessions muscle stimulation is applied on active muscles, combined with a sequence of trainer-instructed exercises.
How many sessions should I do per week in order to see results?
It is advisable to do either once or twice a week, depending on your goals.  Three times is the max however a 48 hour rest period in between workouts is required. After 4 sessions you will feel initial results. After 10 sessions, along with a healthy diet, striking results will appear.
Do I have to move or exercise during the workout?
Yes, you do. By performing the exercises suited to your capabilities and demonstrated by our Certified Trainers. Performing the right exercises in line with the rhythm of the impulses significantly augments the favorable effects of Electro Fitness workout as opposed to exercising alone.