PersonalSafetySource.com is your online source in the Dallas area and Texas for Personal Safety items such as Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Tasers, Personal Alarms and other safety items.  In addition, PersonalSafetySource.com sells Surveillance Equipment, Nanny Cams, CCTV and various types of hidden cameras.

PersonalSafetySource.com is a Woman Owned Business.  Tracy Irby is a true entrepreneur and has  owned  various businesses and works as an Independent Insurance Agent specializing in Medicare products.  She holds a BBA and MBA from Texas A & M University Commerce.

During an in home appointment with a potential  client - Tracy realized the need for pepper spray or some sort of personal protection.  The client had recently been robbed and told her if anyone saw the necklace she was wearing  they would rip it off her neck.  Taking that information to heart and realizing how vulnerable she could be - Tracy took action.

An article about Safety parties had sparked her interest a few years earlier and the warning from her client and  PersonalSafetySource.com was born.  Top products and distributors were researched and all the best in personal safety products were put on the site.

Well known brand names such as Mace, Taser, Streamlight, StunMaster, StreetWise and more are all available as well as many private labeled items.  If something is not on the website - there usually isn't a problem getting it.  A multitude of suppliers are at hand to find even the most obscure products.

Personal Safety is something every person should be aware of.  Advance planning can help divert potential problems or dangers.  The philosophy at PersonalSafetySource.com is that it's better to have a  safety item and never use it then to not have one in case it is needed!!!  

Safety Begins With You!!!