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of life through advanced fitness and nutrition coaching.
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We can train you
    even if you have serious physical impairments or injuries!

What is Corrective Exercise Training?

     We Attack The Root Cause Of Your Pain So We Can Eliminate It
We do not attempt to “treat” symptoms.  We practice a technique called corrective exercise. Often described as falling somewhere in between personal training
and physical therapy, corrective exercise focuses on the underlying cause of
your pain, not just on ways to mask or reduce your pain.
Because eliminating the cause is the best way to eliminate the pain.
We use simple exercises that address any muscle imbalances and
misalignments and relieve the stress in your body.
Corrective exercise is based on the simple fact that each muscle is connected
to another.  By reintroducing proper structure in the body, structure can
improve and you can move freely and with less pain as time goes by. The
process in not painful, and will not injure you further...