Personal Travel Group is one of the fastest growing and most exciting opportunities in the home business travel market today. It is primarily an agency programme for holiday accomodation, but also includes all of the other travel elements needed to sell great holidays. It is serviced by Pro Travel Solutions through the Personal Travel Group GDS (Global Distribution System) and the company's international call centres.

The concept is "C2C" - customer to customer social marketing. Personal Travel Group supplies a low cost entry into the travel business for literally anyone. Unlike other systems, there are no qualifications needed as our service provider, Pro Travel Solutions, does all of the work on the agent's behalf. All monies are taken through the agent's internet travel shop or the tavel provider's call centre. The agents are then left to develop their customer base, safe in the knowledge that their customers are being serviced by professionals.

The potential of social marketing is limitless, even if the agent only has fifteen clients; with our capacity to appoint ten thousand agents every year, the growth rate is phenomenal.

We have the buying power to negotiate highly competetive prices, high commissions and arrange exclusive offers with thousands of hotels, villas, apartments, cruise ships and travel suppliers. What's more, our range of business development, marketing, technology and support services will ensure you are able to compete with the biggest high-street and internet names.