PersonalWeb owns 15 fundamental pending and issued patents and a sophisticated Natural Language Processing Engine used in developing its products and services.

Our main product is StudyPods:
StudyPods is a new social learning platform that enables students to connect, collaborate and share academic knowledge with each other at their own universities or at colleges worldwide.

Our mission is to improve student’s college experience through social learning, help them achieve better grades and attain success in their college life. Our social learning platform engages students with their peers and enables everyone to become providers of knowledge, not just consumers of it. Basically, we are trying to make college a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

StudyPods enables full-time, part-time and online students to form bottom-up systems in a decentralized way to create content, build relationships, and have conversational interaction with a vocabulary of not just words, but pictures, programs, and multimedia to assist them in their learning process. Our bottom-up approach enables the students, themselves, to take charge of improving the learning material and provide additional comments, questions, examples, and other kinds of contributions to feed their quest for knowledge.