I was sitting at home thinking about my dog and my daughter’s dog wishing I could tell lots of people about what great companions they were for both of us. Our dogs had passed from this earth and after six years I still hear my Stryker’s paws tapping on the hardwood floor in my hall way. My daughter lost her dog this year and her three year old daughter came home from day care crying because she really misses him. The ideas came to me about a wall where you could put up your pet’s name and would stay there forever.  My dog, Stryker was such a happy dog and always there to comfort me in good times and bad.  It’s funny how they can sense and react to how we feel. So I felt Stryker would really like his name in print on a wall. My daughter also encouraged me to figure out a way so lots of people would enjoy seeing their pet’s name forever on our site.  My other daughter has a beautiful Goldendoodle who is a barrel of fun! My other friend has two cats who behave and act like dogs.