CWCS Managed Hosting, a managed hosting service provider in the UK, has announced unlimited bandwidth with its Dedicated Server Plans. The new feature also applies to existing customers as well.

"We are very pleased to be able to include unlimited bandwidth on our dedicated server plans, customers can allow their web site to grow without worry about getting a bandwidth bill." says Karl Mendez, while announcing the unlimited bandwidth facility on dedicated server plans.

Websites engaged in online business can benefit from the unlimited bandwidth feature. CWCS has upgraded its network capacity so that the servers can accommodate higher volumes of web traffic and support more data transfer. The upgrade would also make the hosted websites accessible to a wider range of audience at the same time.

Bandwidth is a fundamental parameter that determines the quality of web hosting service provider. Ecommerce websites that sell products or services online are likely to have high volumes of traffic to their websites. More web traffic requires increased data transfer levels and thus higher bandwidth.

With other hosting providers crossing the bandwidth threshold could initiate automatic suspension of the websites. Such incidents can directly impact business performance. Visitors could be shown a ‘no more bandwidth’ message and can be restricted from seeing the web pages. Website owners would then need to buy more bandwidth from their hosting service provider to remove the suspension.

However, CWCS has taken a step forward to help customers solve bandwidth issues with their dedicated server plans. Visit CWCS website for more information.