October 14 ,2011  Companies throughout Australia looking for a better way to connect with their customers and sell their products and services can turn to Salesmasters International for organizational training. Peter McKeon, founder of Salesmasters, has put forward a new paradigm in sales and customer relationship management, which he calls the Australian paradigm.

“In sales, many companies have taken what I like to call the American approach, which is basically concerned with getting the sale and nothing else,” McKeon explains. “The Australian approach is more concerned with developing a relationship with the customer first and foremost and working the sales process into that, which usually results in a much longer and more fulfilling relationship between the seller and the customer.”

Salesmasters’ training is organization based. Their training programs encompass all levels of a company, from the CEO on down. This allows everyone to understand and participate in this new sales method. Courses include: fundamentals of modern selling skills, sales management, sales leadership, new business development, account management, territory management, and telephone skills.

“part of our philosophy is that we don’t work simply for the sake of working,” McKeon continues. “Organizations we work with need to be committed to throwing off the old, sales is king paradigm and embracing the new sales culture we try to foster here at Salesmasters in which we certainly focus on sales, but we do so as part of a larger canvas.”

Salesmasters is currently extending an offer to sales teams of five or more. It includes a money-back guarantee which states that if the team does not reach the agreed upon goal, the entire cost of the program will be refunded. For more information regarding this offer or to view the entire Salesmasters course selection, visit: http://salesmasters.com.au.

About Salesmasters

Salesmasters, a company with an Australia-wide footprint, was founded by Peter McKeon as a trailblazer in the new paradigm of customer relationship management. They take great pride in their philosophy and teachings and are eager to be held to account for the outcome of their training programs. Learn more at: http://salesmasters.com.au


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