Javelin LLC focuses on technology development and integration in the green sector.

Javelins current focus is on ChromaID a Visualant technolgy.

ChromaIDTM is the first product of its type to record and analyze invisible chromatic identifiers in gases, liquids, solids and surfaces in a low cost durable portable form factor. Patterns of a light spectrum signature, from near ultra- violet through the visible spectrum and into the near infra-red are collected from structured light transmission of up to 32 LED’s and processing software matches the reflected pattern against baseline files. The target absorbs, reflects and readmits portions of this light in a unique pattern due to its inherent makeup. Multiple or single photo diodes and or other types of photo sensors pick this return light up and compare it to known substance patterns allowing it match the patterns and identify the target makeup.  The ChromaIDTM technology has Bluetooth capability to make it compatible with smart phone apps and allow for cloud storage of data and database comparison. Current product configurations are manufactured with surface mount components. The small size and durability of the scan head along with integrated manufacturing allows for low cost and dependability.

ChromaIDTM sensing has a wide array of applications in environmental as well as medical, security, manufacturing, and agricultural fields of use. It is Javelins goal to get these powerful technologies into the hands of as many people as possible for a reasonable price. Specific applications such as chromium in water, benzene in water, petroleum in water/water in petroleum and toxins in food, food pathogens, exhaust emissions, ship emissions, grain rust and nitrates in water runoff are only a small number of fields Javelin sees as a first step in creating a cleaner more efficient world.

Present testing for environmental toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals in the environment and food supplies require expensive mass spectrometers, lab based chemical analysis or Dreager tubes. Testing bio-fuels, aviation gas and commercial fuels for contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide and water also require expensive lab tests. ChromaIDTM technology applications alone could reduce in field testing costs or in conjunction with these standards tests a much greater degree of accuracy and/or quantification could be resolved.

Application Specific Products

Javelin works with strategic partners to develop product specific paradigms for various applications. Industrial design generates different styles and forms of product to suit the different application specifications.

Smartphone App

Javelin plans to integrate ChromaIDTM technology into smart phones. This will provide a universal mini spectrometer to the user who can access cloud databases for multiple testing applications.

“Chromal” Buoy

ChromaID sensors can be deployed in the Gulf and offshore oil fields worldwide to determine seawater pollutants such as petroleum and surfactants in the water column.

Inline Pipe Chromal Fluid Tester

Inline water or fuel testing for contaminants.