We are a new online social networking site that has launched to help educate pet parents and connect them with pet related businesses to better manage the responsibilities of being a pet parent. The site also offers the capability to store vet records to make sure their pets are current on their exams as well as their vaccinations. The site also has a strong emphasis on pets within the shelter systems due to the incredible high over population, and allows individuals to network them for pet parents to hopefully adopt the pets in need. The idea behind the site is to promote awareness of the over population epidemic, the common misunderstandings that pet parents have when raising their pets, and eventually more and more resources to be at their disposal to assist and guide them through proper pet parenting. The site is also to be enjoyable so that proud parents can share their adventure and encounters with pets and be able to share them with friends, family, and like-minded individuals. So between bridging the gap between proper pet parenting and lowering the numbers of the pets in shelters, the site will also provide pet related products as advertisers so that everything with the site is beneficial to pets in some manner. The advertisers will be able to hit their direct audience and with them paying to be seen by 100% of their audience, they are paying for a site to maintained to continue helping save the lives of so many pets that need homes.