The economic and social health of our civilization as a whole directly depends on availability and consumption of freely available energy.

A great deal of this use today is met by fossil fuels, with a strong probability of an increase in the years to come.  

Alternative renewable energy sources on the other hand count for but a few percentages of the worldwide energy consumption, both today and for the foreseeable future.  

Unless we assert a new course starting now.


We, Michael Nobel, Gustaf Nobel, Philip Nobel and Peter Nobel, members of the Nobel Family, have with great concern observed the rapid depletion of oil and gas sources accompanied by increases in global temperature and pollution of land, water and air.  

It is a serious crisis in the making.

We deem it our mission to help stimulate and encourage positive change so as to remedy this crisis.  Thus, we have formed the Nobel Charitable Trust.

Cornerstone to our purpose is the establishment of a prestigious international award honoring individuals, organizations or companies who have contributed significantly to improving the conditions that threaten our global habitat.

No award we are aware of serves a higher purpose  that of sustaining our planet and our species.

Nobel Sustainability Scholarship

The primary thought behind the scholarships of the Nobel Charitable Trust, is that it shall stimulate and inspire young researchers and inventors to push the development and the use of alternative and sustainable energy-resources forward.
The candidates are thought to be chosen on a global scale without geographical limits.
The scholarship shall be distributed once a year to that or those persons that has shown the most inventive and the most effective development or discoveries in the field of research as well as promoting the use of alternative energy!
The actual size of the scholarship is not yet decided as the NCT is dependant of sponsors to be able to realize these activities. Our aim though, is to be able to distribute a scholarship in the range of 25-50,000 €.
The selection will be done by a group of hand-selected experts in the field of alternative and sustainable energy.

The scholarship is created to motivate and inspire primarily young researchers and inventors to push the development and/or the use of alternative and sustainable energy forward. Candidates from all over the world are welcome. Our future lies in the hands of the coming generations. Companies, organisations and politicians can also be given the scholarship that is meant to be recognition for successful and feasible efforts made for sustainability.  

It shall be awarded to the or those persons that during the passed year has shown the most inventive and the most effective development or discoveries within the field of alternative, renewable and sustainable energy as well as promoting the use of the same energy. The result must be feasible for practical use.

The NCT Alternative Conference

The NCT Alternative Conference is another major initiative of the NCT, taking place bi-annually with a focus on renewable energy sources and ways of combating pollution and global warming.  It will include participants from major suppliers and consumers of such energy sources as well as scientists and legislators. We hope to make this conference a centerpiece in the ever-growing dialog of change.

Scholarships.  Part of funds collected will be used for scholarships to young scientists who have, within the fields of renewable energy, and reduction of pollution and global warming, made significant discoveries yet lack the resources to develop their innovations.

By doing this, the founders of the NCT hope to help solve some of the most urgent and important problems of the energy crisis facing mankind in the decades and centuries to come.

We firmly believe it behooves each of us to make a contribution to alleviate the problems that threaten all of us now.  It is our hope and belief that our efforts will contribute to promising new solutions to the issues of decreasing energy supplies, global warming and pollution of the earth.


The Nobel Charitable Trust was created to affect change beginning in our own lifetimes through our activities, grants and awards.

By participating in, and supporting the Nobel Charitable Trust, you are taking a stand for our future as a species, as a life-sustaining planet.  It is our position that nothing is more important than this.

We welcome your support.

Michael Nobel
Gustaf Nobel
Philip Nobel
Peter Nobel

Board of Trustees Switzerland
Michael Nobel
Gustaf Nobel
Philip Nobel
Peter Nobel
David Lee
David Matsumoto

Board of governors

Chief Executive Officer, Japan
David Matsumoto

United States
Korea (in progress)