The mission of Action Fitness is to give you the proper exercise tools for your species!

The Action Fitness/Wildfitness philosophy is basically the following: proper mechanics combined with high intensity equals improved fitness. Lift heavier, get stronger. Reduce leverage, lift longer. Continue increasing exercise intensity, continue getting fitter. Eat better, feel better, look better. Move well, push hard, eat right, build muscle, shed fat. At the core, this is fitness!
The “traditional” workouts seen in corporate health clubs nationwide are one-sided (although in terms of years of existence, it’s hardly a “tradition”, since the modern gym rat has been doing such workouts since the early 70’s only). The majority of “trainers” come from a body building approach, which is great if you want to look like a Muscle & Fitness model, and physical appearance is all that matters to you. But it’s hardly usefull, as the body building approach lies in reducing tempo, decreasing leverage and isolating muscle groups. It only allows you to look good and do better at your next gym session. It hardly improves your athletic performance in other activities/sports, and because the movements you perform on traditional machines are not used in your daily activities, there is really no correlation between doing heavy bench presses and doing better at basketball or at the golf range.
Ever seen the old Fritz Lang movie “Metropolis”, or other flicks like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? Humans become drones. While we, as a species, have a function to perform on this planet (reproduction, for survival of the species), as individuals, our personal needs differ. Visit your local health club, and you may see drone trainers, bored out of their minds, counting reps, while their drone clients are not being properly watched and perform without thinking for themselves. “Health” club? The only thing getting thinner is your wallet.

The Action Fitness method of training is to educate you as you train, so you can understand why you do a certain exercise. Standing on one leg doing a single leg squat is suddenly elevated to paying attention to the feedback your support foot is giving you, with millions of cells sending messages to your brain, muscles, bones. Concentrating on the feedback gets you more in tune with your body. Boxing is not just about punching like a beast against a bag, but learning how to move without injury, exerting less effort yet producing more power through proper mechanics. Every session is like a seminar. I believe as long as you live, there are lessons to learn. My work promotes a healthy balance of your total wellness, with work, social, professional aspects of your life growing and improving by starting with the most important ingredient: YOU!

Intensity being the key to your routine, it is important to challenge your muscles with movements that are neurologically demanding. From proper running form, to proper leverage so as to increase your load and perform with heavier weights (with correct movement and lines of support/action) with various degrees of intensity (e.g. short bursts vs. extended periods, i.e. intervals), you can achieve great levels of fitness you simply cannot get from your basic boring gym routines! Yes, it won’t be easy, but it will be fun! Your challenging workouts will yield greater levels of satisfaction and proper release of adrenaline, produce human growth hormone, which will increase and preserve your muscles (HGH is a protein sparing hormone), as well as promote stress reduction to continue your cycle of wellness. Indeed, constant stress levels experienced in modern urban environments increase the release of cortisol in our system, thus producing more insulin, which triggers the production of blood sugar (glucose), which in turn, when not utilized for movement, stores in your fat cells and gets you fat!

Martial arts and gymnastics movements will develop your core and balance, as well as increased range of motion and joint stabilization. Olympic lifts will pack on muscle and improve flexibility and power. Medicine balls, sparring, heavy bag and speed bag drills will sharpen your hand-eye coordination while challenging your cardio and promote greater speed and agility. And, by us working out one-on-one, need not worry about what other members might think (the advantage of complete privacy). My gear is spread out and tucked away so we have plenty of space to move around (rather than a busy gym filled with people falsely believing they are doing something good for themselves).

No clutter, no issues with crowding or aggressive sales people trying to continuously cram more members into their facility. Instead, freedom of space, expression of movement, and motivating, adrenaline pumping, turbo charged workouts with a friendly vibe!