Our mission is to provide quality and affordable energy work & bodywork to all on a sliding scale basis.

We believe that the healing arts are a necessity. Everyone no matter what their background or income level should have access to quality massage therapy, reiki, shiatsu, and other holistic health modalities.  We are a group of certified practitioners that believe that social entrepreneurship combined with bodywork can change not only our community but the world at large.

How we make it happen:

Our approach is simple-we get back to our roots!

All of the services offered are on a sliding scale basis and offered in a community setting (an open room with no partitions or dividers). Offering energy work and bodywork in the open is reminiscent of the healing spaces in ancient cultures and traditions. Many of these services were (and still are in some countries) offered in an open room. One benefit being that both the client and practitioner can fully benefit from the healing energies being offered by all in the space. Another plus is, with multiple practitioners sharing one space, it keeps the overhead low; therefore we can afford to offer bodywork for less than what is normally charged. In all of the energy and bodywork we offer, the client is fully clothed. There is no risk of exposure at all.