Phoeniks is an Australian supplier of European foodservice equipment of the greatest quality. Phoeniks actually provides the best catering equipment Europe can offer. Indeed, the company works with 9 exclusive famous European partners and brands: MKN, Salvis, Elro, Dietatec, Hidria Gif, Brunner, Cuisines design, Tournus equipement and Vauconsant. Most of Phoenik’s partners are German or Swiss and all are family businesses, focused on their product range to innovate and keep their leadership in quality, low water and energy consumption, reliability.

Thus, Phoeniks provides innovative hospitality equipment all around Australia. Products sold by Phoeniks have been manufactured and designed for restaurants, cafés and other businesses that want to gain time and efficiency. Those faicilities can be commercial induction cookers, commercial hoods, combi ovens, commercial kettles, commercial bratt pans, ventilated ceilings, and even rotisserie and commercial vegetable slicers. Not only delivers Phoeniks the best products in terms of quality that one can find on the market, but the firm also benefits from a long, solid experience and a vast knowledge about commercial kitchen equipment. Furthermore, Phoeniks disposes of a large network of skilled technicians all around Australia should any problem happens with any product of the company. Besides, each machine has a 2-year guarantee minimum.

Phoeniks already carried out many projects for big restaurants and cafés in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other Australian cities. The company exposes on its website one of its most beautiful and successful achievements. The catering equipment supplier has always been committed to provide customers the best service and advise so that needs and requirements are fulfilled.