Photipherals (fo-tif-er-als)

Photipherals, LLC designs, manufactures, and markets photographic peripheral equipment to meet the needs of digital photographers using interchangeable lens cameras to include DSLR and mirrorless (MiLS) cameras. The company only develops unique and patentable products that offer benefits in efficiency, ergonomics, power, weight, mobility, and convenience.

Photipherals products address four product areas.

Protection for the camera, camera gear and/or the photographer: Stop sensor dust and kill fungal growth in the camera body and lenses with a patented collapsing clean-room case called IonosGear and its accessories called TriOxyGear I & II; and an integrated rain poncho and camera rain cover called Camo Rain Cape; and a ground cover mat called PhorMat.

Portability focuses on providing the photographer camera gear and accessories that provide sound ergonomic design to provide greater comfort and mobility. This product line includes a patent pending Pho-Reel camera shoulder strap system and optional accessories.

•     The patent pending camera shoulder strap has an asymmetrical design and chest straps to prevent annoying slips and fatigue. The shoulder strap evenly distributes weight, and its sewn loops and additional mounting lash/clips allow you to carry a variety of accessory cases with your camera clipped to a custom reel. The push-button locking reel allows you to quickly move your camera into place, from side carry, to eye or tripod for shooting. Optional accessory cases for lenses and filters slide into the harness. Worn in pairs with Pho-Reel or another Pho-Reel Plus, you can carry two cameras and a variety of camera gear.

•     To make hiking with a tripod or telephoto lens easier Photipherals designed Pho-Pod. Other gear cases keep photographers mobile and less encumbered with gear packs: an extendable lens case holds a telephoto lens up to 400mm zoom and a filter pouch sized for professional filters like Cokin.

Precision and power products are currently in prototype and patent process. Phor-Sight will help auto-focus on a telephoto-lens lock onto birds in flight and hidden wildlife. Power sources in development will be modular and provide more exacting control and compactness. They will be available in 2013.
Ever evolving, there will be other innovations in 2013 to offer silent shooting and ultra- cold weather protection.

Photipherals designers listen to their photographic community. In response to the desire for more individuality and style with personally for straps and cases are customized and decorative options available for Pho-Reel shoulder strap and Pho-Pod padded tripod case.

Products are made in the USA.