PhotoAsia is Malaysia's pioneer stock photo library that specializes in the marketing of Malaysian and Asian stock photography. Founded in 1992 under the name of Picture Library Sdn Bhd, PhotoAsia was the first local picture bank to specialize in high-quality pictures of Malaysia. PhotoAsia licenses images to advertisers, desginers, books, magazines, documentary films, and other media. PhotoAsia currently represents 80 photographers directly and is the licensed agent of about 60 collections with over four million images online. PhotoAsia is based in Petaling Jaya. Clients include CIMB Bank, Great Eastern Life Assurance, Adminda Communications, Heinz Sinsin, Oxford Fajar and GREY Worldwide.

For more information, visit PhotoAsia at www.photoasia.com.my, or contact PhotoAsia at info@photoasia.com.my or call +6(03) 7955 3237.