Award winning innovative therapy DEEP OSCILLATION® differs from other types of therapy. It is based on the effects of creating a safe, low frequency, electrostatic field within the damaged/congested tissue of the individual; attracting and releasing the tissue upto 250 times per second, producing a “kneading” effect of the area, which triggers a deep resonant vibration (DEEP OSCILLATION®). Rather than vibrating on the surface, specially researched frequencies (between 5Hz and 250Hz) work through the entire depth of tissue layers (a depth of 8cm), including the connective tissue; penetrating gently and effectively, shuffling and pumping out the accumulated metabolic waste by-products and helping to clear acute and chronic inflammation, disperse scar tissue, alleviate swellings and bruising and improving lymph drainage and maintain lymph flow. It is particularly effective on bringing about a dynamic wound healing after operations, promoting mobility and improving sensitivity.