Phyzios Inc. is a start-up software company located in the University of Tokyo, Japan's most prestigious institution. Since its start in January 2009, Phyzios has released applications based on physics simulation, especially the particle method, which is a unique physics simulation technology that handles everything as a collection of particles. The portfolio of Phyzios includes PHYZIOS Studio (both on PC and iPhone) and Jazz Sculptor (which ranked No.2 free iPhone applications in Japan and No.1 in Italy). The other iPhone/iPod touch applications also ranked top 10 in respective categories in Japan.

Phyzios Inc. is a spin-off company of Prometech Software, Inc.. At the time of Prometech Software Inc., our team released titles such as OE-Cake! and developed AQUA FOREST. OE-Cake! is a 2D multi-physics engine, whose core technology is from "Phyzios Engine" (old "OctaveEngineTM Casual") that left an impression at Game Developers Conference in 2008. AQUA FOREST has been a smash hit iPhone/iPod touch application since its release as one of the launch titles of apple's App Store in 2008.

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