PickYourLease is an online workplace where pre-qualified businesses connect with pre-qualified equipment Leasing companies to get the best competitive Lease Financing. The first exclusive online equipment leasing referral service. We help businesses succeed by connecting them with equipment leasing companies that match the proposed request. Facilitating the process by matching pre-qualified borrowers (businesses) with pre-qualified lenders (leasing companies).

Corporation Information

The company is privately-held and headquartered in Gatineau (Hull sector) Quebec, Canada.

   * 188 Montcalm
   * St. Suite 300
   * Gatineau Quebec,
   * Canada
   * J8Y 3B5

Who we are!

We are not a leasing Broker nor are we lenders in any way. PickYourLease is an exclusive equipment leasing and equipment finance referral service for equipment buyers looking for equipment leasing or equipment financing by providing direct access to pre-qualified lenders that have specifically identified their target markets.

What’s in it for you the Customer/Lessee?
By completing the 6 question form and submitting you will receive the very best qualified offers for equipment leasing based upon your specific profile. We understand that time is a major factor and we have structured ourselves accordingly. By this we mean that the pre-qualified funders available for your target market and credit criteria will receive access to your information within minutes and it is up to the lenders to quickly act upon your demand in order to arrive at captivating new business by replying to your request in a timely manner and by offering you a structured preliminary leasing proposal.

You as the customer will have the option to choose which lender/lessor best suites your needs. Once you have chosen your preferred lender it is crucial to act quickly so the lender can proceed on completing the required paper work and also most importantly reserve the equipment that the seller has listed.

The benefits of this service are many!
Time savings are enormous. Your credit rating is protected and you will not be shopped. Your identity is protected and you decide who you communicate with. You do not need to give your SSN or SIN number. We have removed the running around and the lenders come to you for your business.

What’s in it for the lender/lessor?
In today’s economy finding new targeted pre-qualified clients can be an expensive endeavour! eLease-me.com & our Sister site www.pickyourlease.com is structured to bring you the best of all worlds, clients that have identified themselves as needing and wanting to equipment leasing and equipment finance in your equipment leasing niche market.