Leonard C. Faucher has been an authority in the videoconferencing and distance learning fields, having founded one of the first companies selling set top videoconferencing units in the United States. As CEO of the International Center for Distance Learning Inc. Faucher licensed virtual universities for international sales to countries seeking access to U.S. education.

After completing 14 years as a public school music director, Faucher owned and operated an office products store in Newton, Massachusetts that he then franchised in 1986 under the name OfficeLand. To increase the efficiency and buying power of OfficeLand, the company became distributor of commodity office products. OfficeLand franchises sold PCs private labeled from the Taiwanese company Mitac.

Faucher’s expertise in franchising extends to selling international licenses through defense contractor Offset programs. A highly specialized area, Offset is a requirement imposed by foreign governments in their purchase of products, systems, or services. Offset must provide a product or service needed within the country other than military.  Faucher utilizes a country wide license of a franchisor to develop an Offset business plan that will satisfy the requirements of a defense contractor who will entirely pay for the license in the country for which the Offset program serves. There are over 100 defense contractors that require Offset solutions in several hundred counties they serve. In 1998, Faucher became founder and Chief Executive Officer of the International Center of Distance Learning of Boston, Massachusetts. Later, Faucher signed a contract with Raytheon Corporation to establish distance learning in fifteen Middle East countries. Faucher personally negotiated with the Minister of Education of Kuwait to initiate a Raytheon – Kuwait joint venture which began in 2002. He has also worked with Textron Corporation, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and other defense contractors in franchising distance learning in conjunction with international offset programs.

A graduate The Boston Conservatory with both bachelors and masters degrees, Faucher has been an Adjunct Professor in Music at Plymouth State College in New Hampshire, and served as member of the accreditation team of the New England Association of Schools & Colleges. Certified as principal and superintendent in public school administration for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he was also active in developing outside programs as Director of The Model Cities Music Program, the Community Concert Series, National Jazz Educators Association, and Music Educators National Conference.

Formerly president of the Newton, Massachusetts Kiwanis, Faucher has been active in many community affairs. He has been published in the Computer Reseller News and was himself the publisher of Distance Learning Magazine. Featured in Success Magazine, August 1991, Faucher has had much notable press coverage of his business efforts. From 2001-2007 he was a member of the Board of Trustees of The Boston Conservatory and served on its academic advisory committee. He has also served on the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council and was a charter member of the International Franchise Association.