PI (Physik Instrumente) manufactures the fastest and highest precision and piezo nano-positioning and scanning-systems in the world.  With four decades of experience PI has evolved into the world-leading supplier of nanopositioning technology.

Applications: Nanomanipulation, Nano-Scanning, Nano-Imprint, Nano-Focus, Optical Tweezes, Scanning Microscopy (NSNOM, Near field, AFM, SPM, SEM, Confocal);

PI is a world leading, ISO 9001 certified OEM & Research Supplier of:

Advanced piezo nanopositioning systems, 1 through 6 degrees of freedom
Ultra-compact high-force ultrasonic linear piezo motors
PICMA® Ceramic Insulated Piezo Actuators, fully vacuum compatible, sub-nanometer resolution, extended lifetime.
Ultra-fast multiaxis beam scanners, steering systems and tilt-mirrors (fixed pivot point); Advanced Digital Piezo Controllers (improved linearity, trajectory control, settling by up to 3 orders).
Piezo-Scanner Tubes, PZT Actuators & Controllers
High-power piezo drivers and amplifiers
Advanced Hexapod 6-D micro-robots and micro-positioners;
Capacitive Position Sensors (0.01 nm resolution).  
Photonics Alignment & Packaging Systems
Piezoelectric NanoPositioning & NanoAutomation Systems for Bragg Grating writing, ,
Nano-actuators (motor driven, piezo driven, piezomotor driven) self locking, no heat generation
MicroPositioning Systems: Translation & Rotation, Stages,
Motion Controllers: Precision DC & Stepper Motor Controllers,...  

Subsidiaries: USA, Japan, Germany, England, France, Italy. Network of distributors in the rest of Europe and the Pacific Rim.

PI delivers solutions to the following Industries:
Semiconductor Test & Measurement Mass Storage Industry (Disk Drive) Laser Systems Precision Tool Machinery Aerospace Engineering Medical Analytical Equipment Life Science Photonics Packaging Fiber Optics

PI's Strengths: Global Service Support Highest Quality and Reliability In-house Nanomechanics, Piezo Ceramics, & Control Electronics Manufacturing ISO 9001 Certified since 1995 30+ Years of Experience

Vertical Integration / Technology Driven Growth
PI is a highly vertically integrated company. Currently it employs  more than 300 people world-wide
PI's heart is the R & D department where more than 20% of our employees constantly work on new solutions, the key to our success.  

Customer Focused Innovation PI can satisfy almost any requirement in the field of innovative NanoPositioning, assuring stable, longterm relationships with our customers

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Latest News:

New Products:
PicoCube™: New nanomanipulation tool with 50 picometers resolution.
PIHera™: Low-cost nanopositioning stages with capacitive feedback
PIMars™: Reference Class Nanopositioning Stages: parallel kinematics and parallel metrology
PIFOC®: Nanofocus device for fast focussing and scanning
F-206.S: 6-DOF Parallel-Kinematics Manipulator

microscope stage

medical engineering