Pillows for Soldiers, Inc. (PFS) was born in 2005 as a grass roots effort to support the U.S. Military, National Guard, etc. Their Mission, as stated on the web site www.pillowsforsodliers.com/mission.html :

Our goal is simple. Supply a large, very comfortable, high quality pillow to as many United States Military and National Guard service men and women as possible; to those who have served our country now, in the past and in the future, including the families of fallen soldiers.

We hope that every time they lay their heads on their pillows, they know how much
we all stand behind them, support them, admire them, respect them and revere them . . . and how God has blessed us with their selfless courage and dedication.
[ See feed back here http://www.pillowsforsoldiers.com/feedback.html ]

PFS endeavors to offer a little comfort to our soldiers, to thank them for their service to our country and to ensure that they will always be remembered, with no strings attached. PFS collects donations at www.pillowsforsoldiers.com and 100% of all donations and proceeds from any product sales goes to sending pillows to soldiers. All administrative costs are borne by the founder out of his own pocket to make sure he is constantly contributing . . . walking the talk.

Pillows For Soldiers first goal was to get to 500 pillows shipped level to individual soldiers (mission accomplished), to establish credibility, then next focus on all VA Hospitals and military support organizations across the country to do bulk shipments (500 + pillows at a time). The current location for this VA Hospital initiative is the W.G. (Bill) Hefner Medical Center in Salisbury, NC. PFS will always keep its “grass roots” effort of sending pillows to individual soldiers in place. The ultimate goal is a pillow for every soldier, everywhere, past present and future . . . and to every family of every fallen soldier . . . meaning this endeavor will never end.

At www.pillowsforsoldiers.com, one can visit the “Soon They Will Be Gone” tribute to our World War II Veteran’s and they can even put pictures of soldiers they know up on the “Remembrance Wall”. There are “fun” t- shirts and some great health products available at the site, with all proceeds dedicated to the Soldiers. It is recommended that your speaker volume is turned up when you visit the site. They even offer a free email service to every visitor, so soldiers and their families/friends can easily stay in touch. The Donor Appreciate Scroll highlights all of the individuals who have contributed to this worthy cause. 100% of all donations go to the shipment of Pillows. All administrative, web hosting and development costs, etc. are borne by the founder.

The web site has received almost a quarter million hits since inception. Initially PFS focused on sending pillows to individual soldiers on a first referred, first served basis. Visitors to the site can “refer a soldier” and when the funds are available, the pillows are shipped, usually in lots of 20 or more.

Pillows For Soldiers, Inc. has recently filed for IRS Tax Exempt, non-profit status. They expect approval in 2009. IRS acknowledgment notice has been received June 2009.

For additional information regarding Pillows For Soldiers, Inc. please contact David Busch or visit www.pillowsforsoldiers.com .

David Busch, Founder/President                
Pillows For Soldiers, Inc.