Our vision is to enhance human health and well-being by enabling Biological Research and Discovery with relevant data, solutions, and support. Our mission is to simplify bioinformatics and advance research through our modular and intuitive multi-omics analysis platform powered by Human Experience and Artificial Intelligence.

Our team consists of bioinformaticians and data scientists that have years of experience collaborating with researchers and industry to develop solutions that leverage omics data. Our experience, unique solutions and passion to democratize bioinformatics have resulted in numerous publications, solutions used by thousands of researchers and collaborative projects in oncology, virology and neuroscience.

Collaborations are essential to Pine Biotech’s success in understanding the challenges our customers face and the difference we can make, so we embrace the philosophy that the sum is greater than the parts. As a result, we developed extensive collaborations with research institutions and industrial companies across the US, Europe, and India.