Piner’s Nursing Home Opens New Therapy Room
A new Therapy Room at Piner’s Nursing Home is setting a higher standard for rehabilitative care for Napa’s Elders. Patients can build strength with the free weights, therapy bands, and resistance pulleys, or work on their balance with a rockerboard or the gym balls. A recumbent bicycle and a set of parallel bars stand in front of a large, full-length mirror. In the corner is a beautiful set of therapy stairs, handmade by owner Gary Piner, and according to Piner’s physical therapist, Peggy, one of the nicest she has seen.
Piner’s Elders and Therapy Staff alike are excited about the new possibilities this larger space and more advanced equipment opens up. Staff members consistently state that one of the most gratifying experiences in providing Elder care is watching a patient walk out the door, on their way home after a successful rehabilitation.  And with the resources that the new Therapy Room offers, they hope to be experiencing that a lot more often.
To find out more about Piner’s Nursing Home, visit www.piners.net and click on the picture of the Nursing Home. You can also see pictures by clicking the “Take a Virtual Tour Now” button.