Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor is the premier mortgage team in Missouri. The Pinnacle Team was established in August 2014 and is now run by Chris Gianino and Bill Lally. Pinnacle was founded from the need for a more streamlined residential lending process, and their belief that exceptional individuals working together can achieve greatness. The Pinnacle team's growth is centered upon identifying talented individuals, and strategically creating positions that cater to their abilities. At Pinnacle, we believe that locally owned business is the backbone of a healthy community. We partner with many local businesses as the preferred lender for the owners and their employees. We provide an extensive onsite benefits package that lets owners and employees spend less time worrying about real estate and more time working on their core business goals. Being the preferred lender for our business partners also gives us the chance to invest time and resources back into the communities we serve. It's the best way we can say "Thank you!" to our clients.