Pinoy Biz Sites has put together years of website design and functionality, and combined it with the crucial Internet Marketing needs for your Philippine business website. It is our mission to develop a clean, cost effective website for your business that has the dynamic online presence that you desire!

We have affordable website designs that you need to fit your target market. Weather you are just starting or you have a large corporation, you will find we are the source to turn to for your website needs.

Pinoy Biz Sites was designed to help pinoy businessmen and entrepreneur's develop a Philippine business website and presence for their growing business. We have the tools and experience that you will need to effectively build your business website, and present your products globally. We have the experience in Internet Marketing and Business Website Design that your looking for.

Our Mission

To market Philippine businesses through internet media outlets.
We will not settle for old technology, and second class service.
We will provide our clients with world class customer service at the same time working with them to construct the best business website solution on the market.

Our Values

Integrity and trust are the key ingredients to any business partnership.

That's Right! Business Partnership! We are not just a company that you hire to build and take orders like a short order cook. We are building your website, your business, and your livelihood as a business owner. When we work with you to build business website, we treat it as it is our business. We are not in the business of selling things you don't need or would not help you achieve success. We are in the business of finding the right solution based on your vision and requirements of your web based strategy.

Our Vision

To help the Philippine business sector grow in the international marketplace and show that it can be one of the top contenders for world trade.  By use of the internet and website for Philippine businesses we open the eyes of the world as to the many good and services that the Philippines has to offer.

Going Green

By use of internet marketing in the Philippines it is our main goal to help the environment by having less paper ads cluttering the streets of Manila.  These millions of paper ads and posters end up in the waterways and such, causing flooding and more.  Help our cause to clean up Manila