We would like to introduce ourselves as the Indian Partners for Piql AS a Norwegian Company and developers of “ Bits on Film” a technology by which data can be digitally stored on Microfilm for over 500 Years

A few salient features of our solution :

We have developed a solution which does not need  migration  and is Future Proof wherein data can be retrieved irrespective of technology. Piql converts photosensitive film into a digital storage medium, similar to what was done with magnetic tape years back. We can write any file onto film, including databases, text documents, images, and full-motion pictures with sound and unlike any other storage medium. Piql film is ultra-high resolution, secure, migration-free and has proven longevity of over 500 years. By combining innovative research with well-proven technology, we have developed a self-documented OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compliant solution for digital preservation. By using our services you can feel confident about the integrity of your data and trust they can be reproduced in the future.

Some of the benefits of storing Data on Piql Film :

By storing your digital data in archival file formats on photosensitive film, repetitive data migrations are no longer needed. You avoid the risk of migration-related data loss, you’ll save time and get a more predictable long-term cost.

Your data is preserved securely on a true WORM (write once, read many) medium, making it impossible to modify or delete recorded data.

Operated within a standard IT environment, your data is fully searchable. You’ll find what you need, whenever you need it.

Photosensitive preservation medium is robust and has proven long-term qualities. We have tested the medium and its packaging to last for 500 years. Although your time perspective may be shorter, you can trust that your data will remain intact.

Depending on your needs you can preserve your data in computer-readable digital format or as human-readable text or images. You can also combine the two for additional security.

Our solution is self-contained, with readable text explaining how to reproduce and interpret your files. Data retrieval is independent of access to specific technologies or vendors. For disaster recovery, all you need is a light source and some sort of digital camera and computer.