Pixachio is a website development company which also deals in rendering web solutions to its clients. It is based out in Abu Dhabi, UAE with its long list of successful clientele all across the world. It aims at achieving high-tech web solutions with the help of all the recent and advanced technologies.

This web development company provides highly customized solutions to its customers as per their requirements and needs. It also deals in catering the creative ideas to design or develop the websites from scratch. We also put in our efforts in redesigning the websites and giving solutions to any web developed issues to our loyal customers.

Pixachio also provide aid to its customers by investing its quality work and assistance in reconstructing or bettering their websites. We help create better business by bridging in the gap between the customers and the clients by understanding their concerns and implementing that in our work.

Here is the brief about services at Pixachio:

Web Solutions:
With our comprehensive and extensive web solutions, we tune up to our customers need by utilizing extremely advanced technologies. We also provide customization which sets us apart from others in the market. We develop wide range of features which includes development of mobile applications, e-commerce, business identity website etc. Web maintenance and content management is also one of the exclusive features that are part of the web solution services in Pixachio.

CMS Solutions:
This is one of the unique features that accelerate the interactivity of the website. It does not require any rocket science or extremely complicated coding language. All it requires is a mutual understanding amid the customers and the clients. The entire content management help understand the needs and demands of the customers along with it the services offered by the companies. Therefore it plays a vital role in the understanding from both the sides.

Mobile Application Development:
Worldwide trend of mobile application development is accelerating at a great pace. Therefore, in order to meet the recent requirements, Pixachio has also entered into the race. This way it helps the existing business application to come into your hands so that it becomes handy and convenient for varied users. These distinctive mobile applications engage the number of visitors and escalate their productivity.

Graphic Design:
Our extremely proficient and skilled graphic designers know how to draw customer's attention to their websites. A colorful, animated and lively websites has the potential to grab their client's eye. These graphics creates an impression on the visiting customers and help you stand out of the crowd. Videos, audios, graphics, animations, pictures, all these fall under the category of interactive marketing that helps increase the traffic of the users.

Responsive Web Design:
This is a rare feature which is responsible for viewing the number of users in the website and navigating their experience. It is not only an excellent solution provider but also provides regular features such as zooming, resizing and scrolling of the webpage. It is always convenient to design a website which gets adapted and fits in all the platforms. As a result, it saves lots of time, money and efforts which might further be utilized in optimizing the best devices.

Online Marketing / Social Media Marketing:
This Online Marketing or Social Marketing services include Search Engine Optimization which is commonly known as SEO, e-mail marketing, social media marketing and many other ways responsible to popularize your website. These strategies are basically used to rank your websites high and promote your brand name so that they stand higher and outshine from their competitors. They offer some higher tools to reach the target.

Search Engine Optimization:
Optimization is the first thing that comes to our mind after developing a website. They help driving traffic to our websites which in return helps gain the rank of the websites. Search engines attract quality traffic that displays our website during top search results for an unpaid search done by the users. The number of visitors on website depends on how easily the website appears on searching. Keywords also play vital role in SEO. It is essentially used as per the content developed for a web page and should be also among the top searched keyword.

Website Maintenance:
It is extremely important for a website to stay updated in order to hook up its customers. If a user comes to your website and could not find anything relevant as per his requirements, he'll immediately switch to some other similar websites serving the same services. As a result, it would aid to deteriorate the image of the website which would again lessen down the number of visitors. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep a check on the status of the website timely so that our loyal customers stay engaged with our websites.