14th Nov 2019, Gr, Noida,

Pixel Galaxy at BTXCity.com is geared up to proceed Pleasure Hunt X.9 to deepen the Indo - Korean Techno-Cultural tie with Finals at Europe.
PH invites the social and cultural inspiring stories, based on real incidents. Every culture has its own stories or narratives, which are shared as a means of infotainment, edutainment, cultural preservation & moral values.

Consider the fact, Asia has over 50% of the global XR market, while European is 2nd largest share over 25% of the global XR market, exceeding North American market share of 17%, BTX has chosen Asia for semifinal and Europe for final.

(https://venturebeat.com/2019/10/12/digi-capital-mixed-reality-investors-should-look-at-europe/) Further Europe is BTX theme is based on I Déjà vu, whereas the concept plot begins in Germany and story revolves around France, considering the fact BTX core team has  strategically decided to tie up.

BTX is partnering with Germany/Denmark based Indo-European organization “Muellnerrns internet”, active in Fiscalebanking with IBM cloud, to shortlist and align European XR and Game companies for the BTX final schedules for Aug 2020.

With India celebrating Children’s day, on the occasion of birthday of first PM, Pixel Galaxy announced a magnificent collaborative competition based on real and unheard stories. Listening Stories are the best pass time activity for children. The best 14 stories will be selected for digitization those experiences using Extended Reality technology, being used for the first time in the world, and the contributor for those stories will be rewarded. This announcement was made by the CEO Mr. Vikas Tomar with associates during a Summit at a luxury Hotel in New Delhi.

VilloTale Technologies, a tech start-up on rural and cultural tourism promotes such reality stories through word of mouth and will be happy to partner to provide content which will be used to market “Bharat” as a destination to potential inbound tourists. They are working in Uttarakhand and will use technology to scale up and generate revenues says Mr. Tomar.

Hospitality industry can use 3D imaging to sell their food menu to customers and create an impossible looking technology into reality.

Many start-ups want to use our expertise to promote their customer and user experiences, opines Mr. Tomar.

Korean Wave Concert  was held at G.L. Bajaj Institute of Engineering and Management, Greater Noida, supported by the special guests including several Ministry officials, and CXO of edutainment industries. Several highly intellectual delegates includes Shooter Daadi’s guest along with others. This event is organized by PGCIA & brought by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea in order to enhance Korean and Indian business partnerships as well as share knowledges for promoting smart industries in both Korea and India.

This Ministry had the objectives of facilitating coordinated and focused policy formulation and effective implementation of programs, projects, schemes, etc.

This event brought together domestic start-up ecosystem and support scale up through the establishment of a global network. It will include numerous program, such as lectures, panel discussion, IR, networking, exhibition, start up ecosystem tour as well as joint public private event and ventures.

The prime focus be on emerging technologies in industry including TEST; Tourism, Education, Sports, Training and other emerging and scalable industries.

Event Brief:

Event Name: Korean Wave Concert  

Host: XR. Center, G.L. Bajaj Institute of Engineering and Management, Greater Noida


•     BTXCity: BTX is a team campaign to learn & produce XR Concept for CREZ experience. Mentored by DNA's & exedcuted by young dreamers !

•     Haera Inc :
Haera, the company behind FantaStick (the musical that fuses both traditional and modern Korean music), is a company that focuses on spreading Korean culture content. They will also have an exhibition of their latest electric drum, the DGX [(D)rum (G)roup e(X)ercise].

•     Studio W. Baba Co., Ltd. :
Studio W. Baba is an animation studio, located in Seoul, South Korea. "W" stands for "world" and "Baba" means "to look" or "to examine" in Korean.
W. Baba is a studio that is always examining their work carefully, so that they can be true contenders on the global stage.

NIPA: National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea.


PGCIA : PG Centre of Innovation and Alliances for JV’s in emerging trends DIGITAL, AI, VR THEME ZONE , EMMERSIVE UX , MICE, PRO GAMING and SMART TRANSPORT BY MENTORSHIP, SPACE, FUNDS and AGGREGATOR Support.

GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida North India Award, Assocham Award, BBC Education Award, India Excellence Award, Uttar Pradesh Award, Dazzling placements with awesome payrolls.