We are a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team composed by three members. Each one do very different work settings but with the same enthusiasm and passion. This collective project started in mid-2012, setting a variety of objectives which we are gradually adapting. We first stepped into the web industry, but soon realized that our dream was the game creation. So we decided to make a change and move into the area where we feel it is part of us.

Together we do a perfect team. Improving day by day makes us grow faster and progress as  a company but also as individuals, and we feel great about it! We are passionate about video games, that’s why we want to offer you the greatest experience possible. For us, each of our game is like our own little baby.

Every project has to be pampered and looked after with the maximum detail and fondness to achieve perfection, hoping you all love each game as much as we do.

If you would like to work us or make any suggestion, just let us know!