Place Search Management  is a Private Label Google Map & Google Places Optimization & Management  Agency. We are the leading experts at Google Maps and Google Places optimization for local businesses, achieving the best ranks possible. We can optimize and manage your  listings without you ever knowing we are involved. With more than 70% of all business searches being conducted via the Internet today, local search engine optimization has become a critical part of any marketing strategy. Our customer base is among a list of more than 200 professional service and local types of businesses ranging from flower shops to orthodontists to bail bond agencies. Any business relying on local customers will benefit from this affordable advertising. A Google local business listing will be one of the primary lead sources for your company. Our customers receive a greater return on their advertising dollars than any other medium available to them. Many reduce or completely diminish their monthly Yellow Pages and/or Pay Per Click (pay per click) fees as a result of the success of their Internet local business listing.